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Dallas Gray.

Dallas is a composer, performer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Her recent piano compositions focus on the exploration
of spaces left behind.






A collection of six contemporary classical art music piano pieces hinting at the neo impressionist style.         

Each piece reflects a journey through Dallas’s historic family home of Flinton in Gippsland Victoria. Once a bustling dairy farm, full of life, music and eccentric characters, the house now sits crumbling into the damp earth. Piece by piece the rooms and their former inhabitants are introduced to the listener.

Dallas was fascinated with the idea of how memories seem to be held
in spaces left behind. That feeling you have when you enter an abandoned space and can almost feel the walls breathe with stories. The titles of each piece hold the names of her family, their personalities, their musical loves. Claire, her grandmother - a brilliant pianist whose love of Rachmaninoff and Sinding flow through the new music. Dexter, her quiet grandfather who played Chopin, Yvonne, her mother who loved Ketelby, and Geoffrey, her uncle who shifts in and out of the
music in constant motion.

There are flashes of homage to the composers throughout as well as the repeating refrain of Claire, a simple chromatic step that plays insistently in each room.

Dallas grew up in the Wilderness Coast town of Mallacoota. Always
a musician in some form - teaching and playing in Melbourne bands has been a constant part of her life since learning guitar,
piano and woodwind from a very early age.

Composing came later. After life stepped in and made some dramatic changes. During and after a pandemic. It was always there, always possible but took giant step back and then a leap of faith to achieve. The album was recorded during this quiet and unique time we all call ‘lockdown’. A time to reflect and find space in what otherwise may seem an oppressive world. In a chance meeting, Phill Calvert heard and recognised the potential in the work, producing the album
for release on his label Behind the Beat.

Flinton steps the contemporary classical music genre sideways into an alternate time where the ghosts of the past still play, wordless stories
are told and memories are both held and created anew.

Her contemporary piano music shows influences from French Impressionists such as Claude Debussy and Jacques Ibert as well as modern composers such as Phillip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi.

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