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A collection of piano solos by Dallas Gray.
From her memories of Flinton.
Each room holds a memory. Rooms carry the events that took place within them through time. Take your own time to visit each room in Flinton. Inhabit the spaces one by one.


These rooms captivated me. Created by the inhabitants. Tainted by events and time. Used up and left behind. Still waiting.

You can pass by a room and feel it's presence. Look past its shadows
or directly into the dark. Objects within catch your eye. The stillness, dust and coloured light reflect the shapes, fill the spaces between.


01. The Well / Arriving

Cold concrete. Soft flowers grow from the cracks. The drop. The cold beneath. Frosty damp mornings and blazing hot sunny days. 

02. Room 1 Claire

Soft colours on the walls frame the fireplace. Over sized robe, pot, dresser with its mirrors set in place. Never a fire in the hearth. Bay windows with delicate stained glass. The high window above the mantel. Cracks. Peeling.

03. Room 2 Claire and Dexter

Piano behind the door. She plays Rachmaninoff. He plays Chopin. Maybe this room was to be used to greet someone of local importance.
A clergyman or a Freemason. It didn't matter. There are no shadows here.
A piano, a lost harp, the table from Aden with golden tassels. The vase from Pisa. Faded wallhanging with camels that smells like dust.
A series of interruptions.

04. Room 3 Yvonne

The maid moved in here and there were stories of stolen pyjamas and perfume. A small fire. Iron bed. Coming home.

Room 3. Yvonne, Homage to Ketelby
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05. Room 4 Geoffrey

Just a small gap where you can see the emptiness within. Signs of a fight. The constancy of the days.

06. Room 5 Time/Leaving

Closed off from the front with a heavy door. Beyond the door is always the focal point. What is out there in the darkness? Look away to the leadlight windows out to the garden. Smoking in the corner. Blackwood. Fireplace filled in to accommodate the 70s gas heater. Worn carpet from pacing to the kitchen and back. That door behind the couch goes nowhere. I've never seen it open.


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